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We have been dealing with Manchester Title Agency for almost 20 years. Their staff, service, and professionalism have caused our real estate transactions to be completed in an efficient manner. The net result brings benefits to our clients.
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Title insurance premiums are basically fixed in New Jersey. New title companies pop up all the time, offering prospective clients promises and incentives that they probably cannot fulfill long-term, and often times substituting glitz for quality. So how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and how have we continued to achieve growth and success for almost two decades?

  • Unmatched Customer Service

    Manchester Title Agency employs an office full of licensed title agents who work diligently to satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Our agents are professional, personable, and courteous, and they make every effort to efficiently and effectively handle all title matters.

    We like to maintain a physical presence with our clients. We hand deliver title commitments to our local clients, at which time we make sure to point out any possible clouds on title or payoff issues that must be resolved prior to closing. We also visit our clients' offices often to show our appreciation and to keep open the lines of communication.

    We are always open to suggestions, and we tailor our services based upon each individual client’s preferences.

    Blindingly Quick Turnaround

    Here is our typical order turnaround. Immediately upon receipt of a title order, we send the attorney(s), the lender, and the broker a confirmation. Within a half hour, our tax, flood, and county searches are ordered. Upper Court judgment searches are ordered and received the day we receive our county search results, and the title binder will be completed that day. We typically hand deliver or overnight our binder to the attorney(s) and the lender the following day. Any endorsements are completed and faxed the day we receive a request.

    Attorney Services

    Some attorney clients don’t have full-time real estate secretaries or paralegals, while others would prefer to have all real estate matters handled by their title company.

    Manchester Title employs full-time real estate secretaries who have extensive experience working for real estate attorneys. We will be as involved in preparing your files as you’d like us to be, and the end product will be flawless. We also perform our attorney clients’ closings should the need arise.

    Flawless Quality

    Our experienced title agents carefully examine all search results before we issue a title commitment, and we again meticulously scrutinize all title issues before issuing a policy. Quality is our #1 goal!

    24/7 Support

    Whether it’s 8:00 Monday morning or 8:00 Saturday night, you will always be able to contact a licensed title officer from Manchester Title Agency if you have any questions, concerns, or emergencies. We are always just a phone call away.



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